About us

swissmade mongolia LLC has a reliable, professional and service oriented team of developers, architects, designers and engineers assisting you with your investment in real estate and infrastructure.

Our business activities cover building owner representative and consulting, consulting in development, planning and quality management of execution in urban development, town planning, tourism infrastructure development as well as landscape, environmental and real estate development.

Our ideas and concepts focus on the benefit of investors as well as those of the society. They are based on sustainability, which means added value is being created regarding economical, ecological, social and cultural issues.

You as our customer will profit from our "Swissness" that obliges us to a high level of professionalism and quality.

swissmade mongolia LLC is a young, creative, multidisciplinary company that combines cultural insight with technical excellence.

Through teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit and proven expertise, we constantly find new ways to address conventional and unconventional challenges.

Our work is grounded in an interest in and understanding of Mongolian culture and social values. Our professional approach combined with a Swiss commitment to quality drives innovation and allows us to take architecture, engineering and design in Mongolia to a new level.

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