Mongolian Circus Tower, Ulaanbaatar – a sustainable investment.

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Unique, energy self-sufficient, equal-zero emission are the musts of this tower building, of the Circus Tower; it contributes essentially to the urban design, to the society, to the democracy and to the quality of life of the residents and users. It shows credibly an appropriate profitability for the investors and has a share of best quality in the built environment by recognising the place and the history as well as by continuing to develop.

Facts and Figures

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Low energy and zero-emission building with high Mongolian authenticity.

Residence, office, retail

Project status:
Preliminary project study with deepened assessments and analyses as in the disciplines of building technology, structure and statics.

Gross floor space: 21 857 m2

Lettable area: 14 066 m2 incl. car parks

$50 000 000 total estimated investment costs for land, construction, letting and financing (without costs for site clearing, permits, insurances, taxes and consultancy fees, status December 2011)

Date: June - September 2011

Why should a Mongolian high rise building look like any building at any place of the world?

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Developing projects in Mongolia means to get first a deep insight of the Mongolian culture before starting to plan.

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The ger, a clever concept: maximum of floor space with hight horizontal stability.

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Low energy and zero emission – we think it’s possible in Mongolia.

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Atriums deving usages and producing fresh air.

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Mongolian Circus Tower, Ulaanbaatar – a sustainable and clever investment.

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