Villa for a visionary Mongolian, Ulaanbaatar.

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The Villa shall anticipate the future of Mongolia’s development. It will be an expression of the path to new horizons. Transparent, light-flooded and modern are the characteristics of the family residence. The house will stimulate emotions and represent Batsaikhan’s values.

Facts and Figures

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Luxury residence with a modern, futuristic and inspiring architecture.


Project status:
Preliminary project study

Gross floor space: 800 m2

Lettable area:


Date: January - February 2012

A villa that inspires and represents the Mongolian new age.

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Modern representative, ecological answerable, a high manufactured quality with high-quality materials.

The new concept design, construction, materialisation should be a whole Art work. The building should be light and light-flooded. The landscape should be noticeable and the building embedded in the environment. There should be a big reference between in- and outside.

The atmosphere should express the personal values and the above mentioned criteria. The materialisation is reduced (stone, concrete, wood, glass) and a clear stylistic idiom should be created.